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Making people better

Skilled Nursing Home in Palos Heights, IL

Skilled Nursing Home in Palos Heights, IL

You want the best for an aging loved one in your care. Matching your loved one with a compassionate and committed caregiver in the community is just the beginning of the challenge you face. Any center you choose for either short-term rehabilitation after an injury or post-surgical care must offer more than just a comforting environment. Park Villa is a skilled nursing home in Palos Heights, IL, that goes beyond the resident-focused care provided by others.

Every team member at our center focuses on the comfort of the guest, and that is clear from the moment you walk through our doors. Our clinical programs are developed by board-certified physicians, and our accommodations are designed to put the guest at ease during their stay. We invest in our employees, so they have the skills they need to make your loved one better in any way they can.

A Team-Oriented Approach

We make people better through a collaborative approach that includes a full suite of clinical programs and guest accommodations unlike any other. Our investment in our team members gives them the skills they need for transition management and memory care, as well as:

  • Cardiac Care
  • Stroke/Movement Disorder Recovery
  • Wound Care (Through Our Partnership with WoundRounds)
  • Hospice Care

Responsive Care and Delicious Dining

The comfort of every guest is our top priority. Our inviting center is designed to deliver the transformative care the guest needs while providing them with unexpected moments of delight. We strive to exceed every guest’s expectations, whether they are here for orthopedic rehabilitation therapy or long-term care.

Your loved one is sure to enjoy their stay when they can begin their day with a hand-delivered newspaper. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our center with your loved one and start a discussion about the long-term care and clinical programs they need.

Villa at Villa at Palos Heights’s Clinical Programs:

Cardiac Care

Villa’s on-site primary-care physicians take a comprehensive approach to cardiac care. At our centers, our physicians help guests recover from life-altering cardiac events by providing the rehabilitation, coaching, and support necessary to make lifelong adjustments to their diets, levels of activity, responses to stress, and management of medication.

Long-Term Care

At Villa, we approach long-term care as a range of services and supports needed to meet our guests’ personal care needs. We assist our long-term guests with basic personal tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and so on.

Medically Complex and Post-Surgical Care

With physicians and advanced-practice nurses rounding daily, Villa Healthcare centers are able to manage the needs of people with multiple diagnoses, advanced post-surgical needs, or complex medication requirements.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy

For Villa guests who are recovering from surgeries or injuries, our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy program offers a comprehensive rehabilitation and pain-management protocol. Our licensed therapists are led by primary-care physicians and specially trained to help Villa guests reach their full potential and return home with confidence in the shortest appropriate time frame.

Palliative and Hospice Care

Villa centers provide attentive end-of-life care to patients and support the needs of their loved ones in a respectful, compassionate, and comfortable setting.

Pharmacy Management

At Villa centers, we ensure that all guest medications are carefully managed. Of course, we take care of making sure guests receive the proper medications at the proper times, but this also means performing assessments of preexisting medications and their interactions with medications related to the current admission.

Pulmonary and Respiratory Care

Villa’s pulmonary and respiratory care programs are led by board-certified primary-care physicians. The specialized medical care they provide is combined with respiratory, physical, and occupational therapy in order to maximize our guests’ functional independence, energy conservation, and endurance.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up

At Villa, your health is of primary importance to us. We continue our care for our guests even after they’ve been discharged. Our team checks on the well-being and health of guests in order to prevent complications and future hospital readmissions.

Stroke/Movement Disorder Recovery

With board-certified primary-care physicians and a full complement of experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapists on staff, Villa centers provide our guests with research-based protocols, daily comprehensive therapy, medication management, and long-term skilled care for guests with complex neurological conditions.

Transition Management

Villa centers are committed to ensuring that guests transition seamlessly back to their homes and communities.

Wound Care

Weekly rounds at Villa centers are conducted under the direction of a certified wound specialist. In conjunction with our head nursing staff, our wound specialists attend to guests individually in an effort to prevent infection and maintain exceptionally high success rates in healing even the most difficult wounds.

Our clinical programs are developed in accordance with evidence-based protocols, led by board-certified physicians, and staffed by highly trained medical personnel.


At every level of our organization, we challenge ourselves to be the best. Many patients require specialized care related to specific diagnoses, and Villa’s quality-first approach has resulted in outstanding outcomes.

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